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Lock Statistics and Opinion Please




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Lock Statistics and Opinion Please

Hi All,

I am developing a device for the elderly community to help their security and safety. In order to design the electronics I need to understand how to segment the product by type of lock used in the UK (and Europe if possible).

Could anybody tell me what the split between Eurocylinder, Oval and Mortice type lock would be in the UK?, Europe or the World?

I am being told that eurocylinder type locks dominate with over 75% doors using this type of lock in the UK. Does this sound right? What would be your guesses/statements on this. Would this be consistent in Europe, Asia, USA?

What is your opinion on smartlocks? Why would you still go for a non-smart lock, besides that fact it could be hacked?

Thank you all in advance.


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Re: Lock Statistics and Opinion Please

I feel you're not quite clued up at all on locks not alone designing one but basically it depends on area and what the local firms fit which is largely based on what they can get a good deal on and what the local associations require based on some idiot behind a desk.

As a rule in my areas oval locks are dead, euro cylinders are the main lock wheather mortice or not as everyone has upvc these days. A euro or oval is a cylinder and not a locking system, they can be used with multipont locks or mortice locks and rely in part on the system they fit to. In my opinion there's zero security in euro locks against force attacks and there's already plenty of electronic locks on the market already that don't seem to be making any mark on the industry.
Hacking them isn't an issue regardless of what YouTube experts say, it's simply pointless due to mechanical defects and lack of intelligence on the intruder part. I have never been out to a 'hacked' electronic lock, plenty of failed ones however.
Electronic strikes are the King and I consider will be for a long time to come, they can be used for most lock types and can have safety features for the elderly, vulnerable or young users built in to a system along with fire or power failure release often built into a system.
A system using an electronic strike as the end mechanical part is really the only way forward I think but it will need to be something special to out sell the ones already out there but at least you won't be trying to reinvent the lock itself.

Do a lot more research, I don't think you will get rich on the system you have an idea of, the ones already out there don't do particularly well as shown by your lack of knowledge about them.

Only my humble opinions though, if you think you've something really special then go for it but it will be a very expensive, hard and long road to get it tested and accepted.

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