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How to become a locksmith in your country- Any restrictions?




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How to become a locksmith in your country- Any restrictions?


I am curious about the way to become a locksmith in USA, Canada or UK.
I live in Switzerland and there are no specifics way to become a locksmith, there is no specifics schools/diplomas. Anyone here can say I'm a locksmith and there is lot of abuses and scams because of this. There is a diploma called CFC "constructeur metallique" meaning "metal worker" but the locksmithing part of the diploma is very small, see https://www.serrurier-romand.ch/comment-devenir-serrurier-suisse/.

I know it is a bit different in France, they have specials diplomas and schools, for example the famous "compagnions du devoir". Customers have a way to find good locksmiths, they just have to ask for the specific diploma.

How does it works in your country, is this totally liberal or there are some laws, diplomas or other protections for the customers ?
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Re: How to become a locksmith in your country- Any restricti

Every country is a bit different and some Provinces/States within each country can have totally different laws.

For instance, in my province, a Locksmith is a legally recognized trade. To become a locksmith you need to go through a 4 year apprenticeship and attend registered courses every year and pass standardized tests to call yourself a Journeyman Locksmith at the end of it all. In other places all you need to do is call yourself a locksmith and your are suddenly a locksmith.
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Re: How to become a locksmith in your country- Any restricti

The states are very different depending upon the jurisdiction. States and in some cases cities, determine requirements. I live in Ohio and work in Kentucky. In both of these cases all you need do is hang out a shingle and you can call yourself a locksmith. Many states are now requiring specific licensing, which sometimes is a money grab and sometimes is a real effort to regulate graft. I know locksmiths with no credentials that are very good at their trade. And some with credentials whom I would not allow on my property! All in all though, if someone goes to the effort of becoming credentialed, they tend to be serious about their craft. With no state oversight, like the situation I am in, ALOA is the credentialing that is recognized by most. Kind of a long way to tell you I am in the same boat as you!
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