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How to file a content complaint with blog.blogspot.ca/



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Post Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:00 am

How to file a content complaint with blog.blogspot.ca/

Some one has a site on http://xxxxx-blog.blogspot.ca (exact link censored for obvious reason) where they are displaying a lot of pirated safe materials.

This kind of stuff can hurt the image of legitimate locksports hobbyists.

The mother site (blog.blogspot.ca) [url]blog.blogspot.ca[/url]has a page where you can report piracy or violation of terms of service.

Look as I may I can not find it. Can anyone point it out to me?


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Post Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:04 am

Re: How to file a content complaint with blog.blogspot.ca/

We are not the internet police. I will also say, welcome TO the internet, where pirated materials have been in circulation since the dawn of time. I would suggest you file a complaint with the original authors of the information and provide them the links so they can pursue legal action themselves. Please refrain from posting such posts on the board here in the future. It does not add anything and I am sure that members here have varying opinions, including ones that oppose yours. That being said, Keypicking does NOT support the pirating or distribution of copyrighted materials without the express permission from the author(s).

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