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Hi from the Netherlands

PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2020 8:58 pm
by slug
Hi everbody my name is Mike aka slug from the Netherlands.

I was browsing on internet looking for some info and came across this forum loaded with great info and also fellow lock enthousiasts.

To get one thing out of the way i am probably the worst lockpicker arround.
I do pick some simple locks from time to time but nothing fancy.
So what am i doing here you might think?

Well i have been collecting safelocks and some high security locks for as long as i can remember.
(although my memory aint that good according to my better half so i dont know how much thats worth.)

What i really like is the technical arms race between the manufacterer and the attacker.
Keylocks are nice but the combination locks are in my opinion the best.
And would love to learn the art of combination lock manipulation but have never set myself to it.

Nice to meet everybody.
(P.S. sorry for the crummy english i am a bit rusty)

Re: Hi from the Netherlands

PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2020 9:06 pm
by femurat
Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll find many interesting tutorial to start manipulating safe locks. There's a whole area for that viewforum.php?f=58

Cheers :)

Re: Hi from the Netherlands

PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2020 7:01 am
by edocdab
Welkom kerel :)

Lot's of info and help here, certainly on safe(locks).
Martin Hewitt from this forum got my journey into manipulation started.

There are good tutorials, as mentioned in the forum and you want to start with a basic good quality lock obviously. Not with something at the end of the arms race. Safe cracking for everyone is a good tutorial on youtube.

Re: Hi from the Netherlands

PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2020 12:06 am
by GWiens2001
Hello, Mike! Welcome to the forum. :)

Don't worry about your English. Your English is much better than my Dutch! :D


Re: Hi from the Netherlands

PostPosted: Fri Aug 21, 2020 3:58 am
by mastersmith
Welcome Mike! Being a great lock picker is not a prerequisite to be here (Thank goodness!) This forum is filled with knowledge and great people. I'm Mark, nice to meet you.

Re: Hi from the Netherlands

PostPosted: Sun Aug 23, 2020 9:51 am
by lock-ed
Hello, Mike!
Do you collect a certain era, period, or geographic area of safelocks? I am very interested in Lever-locks for safe/vault, and combination-locks for same,- from the last 150 years or so.

We would very much like to see pictures from your collection! :drool:

All the best,

Re: Hi from the Netherlands

PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2020 9:18 pm
by slug
Hi Ed,

I collect safelocks from around 1950 up to now. As soon as i unpack all of the boxes(we just moved) i will try to make some pics.
Are you looking for any specific leverlocks or brands?