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An email I received today: "Gun control push begins"



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Post Thu Sep 19, 2013 8:46 pm

Re: An email I received today: "Gun control push begins"

My local grocery store used to sell a peanut butter ice cream that I loved, but no more. These days if I want peanut butter in my ice cream, I've either got to accept a chocolate swirl along with it, or put it in there myself.


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I've gone and said something stupid, haven't I?
I've gone and said something stupid, haven't I?

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Post Thu Sep 19, 2013 11:38 pm

Re: An email I received today: "Gun control push begins"

xeo wrote:It seems many of you are missing a key point as I tried to illustrate with my reply: Good luck trying to round up all the weapons people own. Going door to door are we? Right. Better make multiple passes due to people on vacation, dead, incorrect addresses, vacant houses, people not home, people at work, guns sold, guns missing, guns hidden in walls, guns in safes, guns inside of vaults, guns buried out in the woods, guns in high security warehouses, black market illegal guns, guns broken down into components that haven't been assembled, etc etc etc. It just isn't feasible.

Nobody is coming to take your guns. What they are coming for is your right to own and buy one. So, buy them now, hide them now. Have a cover story and hiding location pre-planned to explain the missing weapons IF ever confronted about it. That is my plan and hence why I don't care at all about any legislature some crooked politician concocts.

If any of this comes to actuality people will RAGE, hardcore. They know this. They're trying to slowly turn up the heat instead of going right to incinerate. The big scary Orwelian shit nobody here will see in their lifetime.

Nothing in the constitution or any other American document matters at all and it never has. Nobody has any rights in America. It is all a big game to these people.

Xeo, this is how I kinda see it too. It would be impractical if not IMPOSSIBLE for them to take everyone's guns! They outlawed alcohol during prohibition, but did that stop people who really wanted to drink it? No, they found speakeasies to go to instead. And yes, people would go nuts if this shit happened. And yes, I also agree we probably won't see any of the scary shit for a long time. (hopefully)

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