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Why does every one knock GOSO picks??


Patrick Star

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Post Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:54 pm

Re: Why does every one knock GOSO picks??

I have broken something like 3-4 GOSO picks so they aren't indestructable by any means. And I'm generally quite gentle, although I pick a fair share of countermilled stuff that really likes to snag. I think the metal is too hard - instead of bending they just grow a crack and finally snap off.

However, at the price they are great. Withoutakey has the small hook set for literally 2.99 Pounds - I always order one (you can't buy more than one at the same time since it's some sort of introduction-to-lockpicking offer, otherwise I'd make it 10) when ordering something else from them. Some of the picks in the set are pretty useless for their intended purpose, but the hooks really are useful.
Some things they have accomplished: ASSA Twin (sidebar), ASSA 700 (well, something like 3-4 pins in one of them), EVVA EPS, Alfa, GeGe (broke a pick in one of those by the way and it's just serrated pins), etc. Not bad for that price! And the latter 3 of those aren't exactly wide open profiles... quite the opposite.
Some of the broken ones I'm actually using to push down springs and slide stuff around when disassembling/reassembling locks.

They are however pretty useless for small padlocks and such, so ironically I wouldn't recommend them to beginners.


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Post Sun Dec 11, 2016 2:41 am

Re: Why does every one knock GOSO picks??

Nothing wrong with Goso picks! For the money they represent probably the best value. The medium hook in grey-handled set coped with about 60 hours inside an Assa Twin for me too. And picked it in the end.



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Post Mon Dec 12, 2016 7:10 pm

Re: Why does every one knock GOSO picks??

My first set of picks that i bought was a goso set from amazon. The black pleather double sided case with all the auto picks and stuff. Gold plated. I had horrible experience with them. Ya they are fair tough, but there's zero flex. First time i got slightest bend it was downhill. Its stays bent, gets extremely weak fast. I dont mind cheaper sets, not a snob, but mine sucked. Learned quick to get something with some spring.


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Post Wed Dec 14, 2016 5:27 pm

Re: Why does every one knock GOSO picks??

You know, just browsing some crap I happened to come across these on ebay... It's the first time I've seen this set... Probably not new, but first time I've seen it. If you take a close look, they actually look pretty decent... The profiles look fairly decent... The flags look nicely done (including a pointed flag that should work great for MUL-T locks). Solid 1 piece construction... They really don't look half bad for chinese picks... Only thing I can't tell, and that would crush it would be if they were super thick...


Fredo the Crow

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Post Sat Oct 21, 2017 4:59 pm

Re: Why does every one knock GOSO picks??

I think there are several reasons for the OP post:

First, there are many different GOSO and KLOM sets and their quality varies a lot. So it's hard to generalize in any way. For instance I have a small grey handles set that is not the one pictured in the previous page, and it's complete garbage. I'm not even sure they are made of steel! It's some kind of dull grey metal that bends very easily and doesn't spring back to shape at all.

Then there's the fact that these two brands are counterfeited a lot (believe it or not lol, anything that sells well in China gets copied) It means that depending on the batch and factory you got it from, the quality can change a lot. I got for instance the "9 pieces KLOM kit" that has thick black handles with "securepro" written on them. The first I got was of superb quality, good steel, no sharp edges whatsoever, usable right out of the box. Then I ordered a second kit for a friend and it was completely different: clearly stamped tools with one side sharp and the other rounded, crap metal like the GOSO kit mentioned above...

Finally the dimple rake works in KESO and KABA locks that have a large rectangular keyway with no warding. Or well, at least it fits, getting an open is a different story especially with KABA.

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