Post Wed Jan 12, 2022 6:49 pm

Unlock Fichet Bauche lock M3B with Mini tool

Unlock Fichet Bauche lock's Type M2B, M3B .
In this video I will open a Fichet Bauche M3B Safe Lock with a tool made by me, This tool is designed and created by me and no one but me made this tool semi-automatic,

This tools is able to Open Fichet Bauche safe lock's Type M2B, M3B In the video i explain how is done, first stage is to decode the lock it self with the decoder made by me to find out wich one is YES or NO, if the decoder is going all in then is a YES if the decoder is not going all in then is a NO, after that we need to assemble the tool and proceed with the funny part wich is Open in, the opening time is quite fast some time's it can take 15 sec some time 2 Min .