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Re: ARF's guide to international shipping

escher7 wrote:Folks in the U.S. are lucky to have flat rate shipping. In Canada our postal service charges so much, even for local packages, that I often don't buy small items online because the postage is more than the item.
One thing I do not understand is how Aliexpress can send me a $3 battery tester with free shipping, all the way from China, and still make a profit. And the quality is quite good as long as you know what to buy. The only disappointment so far was a $12 set of generic picks which broke rather quickly because of lousy metal, but the $7 disk detainer pick was fine once I tuned it up a bit. Like Japan in the old days, Chinese products are slowly getting better.
As for international shipping, I often send expensive articles to English and U.S.A. addresses and as indicated above, it is best to cushion and wrap the hell out of things, address (both return and destination) on both sides, use tracking and pray. So far I have had no lost or broken items.

Yeah... post canada is very poor postage service...

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