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WTB: A-1 carbide cutter HG1-605C & TB5 Corbin Russwin block




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Post Wed Jan 11, 2023 3:49 pm

Re: WTB: A-1 carbide cutter HG1-605C & TB5 Corbin Russwin bl

10ringo10 wrote:Downloaded a national locksmith pdf this morning which as the Hand held tubular cutters in
The hpc and klom cutters look the same in Shape and design ..but price wise there worlds apart .
Interesting reading from the archive's from 2002 Feb issue fyi.
HPC are Expensive compared to the kloms I have to say ....copy paste which came first as there not identical.

Assuming the hpc and klom cutters are copies of each other ....maybe the blade or end mill used are same size
So it would make perfect sense to check this out first before making a decision on blade to buy ..cut in half or not !
A klom hand held cutter with blade is the same cost as the hpc New blade ... Just a thought moving forward.
Tried to find a replacement cutter on Ali for the klom ..but could not find one or any details .
Good chance there different ..but not ruled out yet.
so what's the diameter of the klom end mill straight cut blade ! On the tubular hand held cutter.

Update . Try a 5 mm spiral hand reamer hss with parallel shank with correct cutting hand left or right
Cut or shorten it on the business end with a cut off blade leaving just enough to cut the tubular key to depth

I've seen a vid today and sure the guy as one fitted in is hpc Tubular cutter that had been modified
The blade on the Ilco 16ct tubular cutter Blade for the Taylor spirals .
But a straight reamer miller cutter should work Just as good ..the amount of flutes got me at first lol.

"The National Locksmith : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive" https://archive.org/details/NationalLoc ... 2/mode/1up

Tubular key codes ..that's another subject And cam lock systems 10 pin T and T8 octagonal series.
( with no blanks available ) the old 7 pins seems like a breeze .

Good luck


That's a heck of a response! I'll take a look at your suggestion of a 5 mm spiral hand reamer hss with parallel shank. Much appreciated. Also I wasn't aware that the Internet Archive has digitized copies of The National Locksmith. Guess I'll just be reading those now forever :smile: I was looking through it and was pleased to see a description with pictures of the Herty Gerty Bench Mount. I've had trouble visualizing the bench mount in the past. So seeing is believing.

As for the KLOM handheld tubular cutter, it does seem like Riyame is correct about you getting what you pay for. While I haven't used the KLOM personally, I've seen many reviews online saying it kinda works with some effort for a few keys, but isn't necessarily reliable in comparison. The best currently (if you can find it in stock) available handheld tubular cutter seems to be the HPC one. I will take a peek at the KLOM though to see if their cutter could be used as a replacement.


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Post Wed Jan 11, 2023 4:46 pm

Re: WTB: A-1 carbide cutter HG1-605C & TB5 Corbin Russwin bl

This is what happens when I'm trapped in a airport lounge for 8 hours
Have the dedicated machine ..but yeah a reamer may fit This with a slight mod
Always wanted a herty Gerty and sad they've stopped making a
Cutting blade looks like .
Must of read most of the national locksmiths archives yesterday ROFL.


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