Post Wed Sep 02, 2020 8:58 pm

ISO: Some pieces of kit

Hello, hello!

I'm after a few pieces of kit, some I *can* order from suppliers, some not.

I'd like an A1 Spinnakur, as mine is gone! Since A1 folded, can't get them anymore.

An HPC Clean Grip, (Part number CGIT-10) I used to get these for about 60.00, about 3 years ago, now they're about 100.00, and I don't really wanna pay that.

I'm also after any impressioning grips that are not the following, Pro-Lok LT-700, or LT-705, Framon's grip, or the imp-grip. If anyone has anything impressioning related, I'm also interested. (Optics, what have you)

Storm lockpicks

Also: if anyone is a machinist and is accepting new work, I am trying to get a small batch of a tool made. Thanks!