Post Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:01 am

Wtb kwikset smartkey gen 1 or 2 and gen 3

I'm mainly a hobbyist but I do a little bit of work for a friend with a property management company. Up until this point it's been mostly schlage and standard kwikset locks, which aren't too bad, but I have been seeing a few more kwikset smart keys around. I'm aware that the first two generations can be picked with a standard technique and the Gen 3 needs a sort of bent shim to tension the sidebar on the side of the cylinder. That's why I wanted to get at least one of the first two generations and one of the 3rd generation. if anybody has any that they would let go I'd appreciate it. I don't need keys, this would just be for practice. they're fairly expensive so I'm turning to you guys to see if anybody has some used ones they let go for less than retail.

Additionally, any recommendations on what I should use to make the shim for the sidebar on the Gen 3 walk would be appreciated. I don't think the Peterson mini knife is going to be springy enough and I don't want to bend mine up anyway.
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