Post Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:44 am

Multacc Realtor Lock Box Keys

While searching for more Multacc locks for sale via google I came across this site with a lot of old forum posts filled with people searching for keys.
If that is still the case and you are looking for a key or keys please send me a PM. I have been collecting these locks and keys for a few years now and
found them to be quite useful for my business almost on a weekly basis. I am willing to trade keys for any additional or unwanted lock boxes or sell them
at a reasonable price. Please keep in mind that I did not come here to just sell what I have and call it a day but to help some of the
forum members acquire a complete lock box setup.

For reference the keys are for Multacc Corporation realtor lock boxes P/N 4325240.
I do not have any duplicate keys, every key in my collection seems to be a different cut.
Some look new and some have a patina.
As I'm sure 99.9% of you know the keys do not come with combinations attached, it will be different
for every box unless that box is closely related in serial # with another.
You will have to disassemble the lock and remove the keyway and wheels. Insert the key and manually
manipulate all 5 wheels to discover the combo.

Thanks for reading, hoping I can help a few of you!