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Bulk buy on Lockwood V7 'MLV' profile keys.



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Post Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:59 am

Bulk buy on Lockwood V7 'MLV' profile keys.

As I mentioned on the other forum, I have finally found a locksmith that is willing and able to cut some fresh V7 'MLV' profile keys to key up my old locks. Not a lot of lockies have had these blanks, and several of the ones that have have been unwilling to cut or part with them.


As you can see from the above, the heads are no longer coined, another measure to phase out the system by Lockwood, along with jacking up the wholesale price of the blanks. Final price was $38 AUD ea. I did confirm with the locksmith that they are genuine Lockwood blanks, nickel silver, and cut on an original V7 machine, which means that the cuts on either side of the V are slightly angled towards the pins. I can see this looking at my keys as well. He also confirmed that he would be happy if I were to place a large order to ship to collectors. For simplicity, all the keys will be keyed alike, you will get the bitting you see above on as many keys as you order.

I'm happy to do a bulk buy for anyone that is interested. I will be taking orders for the next 3 weeks, until the 12th of April, if you want some, shoot me a PM. Price is $38 AUD per key, plus shipping worldwide of $15 AUD, which gets you up to 500grams. Although steep, all prices are my cost, I'm not making a thing. This may be your first and last chance to obtain a key for your V7, as Lockwood are no longer producing blanks, or keying any new V7 systems as of the middle of June this year. After this, all keys will be NOS, and it will be a matter of searching them out.




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Re: Bulk buy on Lockwood V7 'MLV' profile keys.

I know this was a while ago but interested in the keys if you have any.

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