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Re: Help with serrated pins

PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 3:32 pm
by the shepherd
well done on picking the 5200! after all the advice you got, 'heavy tension, 'light tension', which in the end worked best for you?
mdchurchill wrote:
Oldfast wrote:
mdchurchill wrote:....Is this about standard now for a 5200 because I was able to pick that?....

I'm sure they can all vary somewhat. But I'd say yeah, that's about right. I just went and tore apart my one and only 5200 for ya:

It had 3 serrated drivers and 2 hybrid spools. The spools were in positions 3 and 5.

I've also come across other American series with ALL serrated drivers... but it's usually a mixed bag of spools & serrated.

Thank you! At last I can pick a damn American padlock. I can pick it consistently too. It will be my American confidence lock.