Post Fri Mar 27, 2009 5:39 pm

Disc Tumbler locks

Disc Tumbler locking mechanisms work like this. There are a row of discs that have slots in, wen the slots line up, the side bar drops in the slot made by all the slots lining up in the discs, which allows the locking mechanism to operate thus opening the lock. The discs in these types of lock will more than likely have false slots to make it harder to pick open, a bit like security pins but discs lol. The keys for this type of lock are attached in this post take a look, the angular cuts in the key turns the disks so far to line the slots up and allows the side bar to fall into place and the lock will open. Abloy introduced this lock then others followed such as Blackspur, Bluespot ,Abus Granit, Silverline etc. A Disc Tumbler lock cant be bumped for they dont need the aid of springs in order to operate. Heres how they work, copy and paste this link into Youtube:

Key picture go to: http://theinstituteofcertifiedlocksmith ... kpick2.jpg

And if you r intested in seeing me pick a disc detainer lock go to :

Heres a detailed vid on the inside working of a disc detainer locking mechanisms.