Post Wed Feb 01, 2017 5:41 pm

Re: Master #175 Combination locks

Picked up one of these #175 padlocks a few weeks ago specifically to practice this bypass method... took a while to get it to work (finally just got it), but discovered a tip that might help if you're struggling with the newer ones. The tolerances seem much tighter than what I've seen in any of the demonstration videos for this technique, and I was having trouble finding anything that would fit in the gaps next to the wheels. Here's the trick that solved mine: try different numbers... the wheels themselves seem to be thicker/thinner in spots. If I set my second wheel to 9 or 5, I can slip a .015" pick in just at the top on the right side of the wheel and make it work... if I have it set to any other number there's not enough space. Your mileage may vary, that trick doesn't work on any of the other wheels on this lock, but worth a try.