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Can I just make one?

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I've Been Banned!!
I've Been Banned!!

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Post Fri May 13, 2011 7:26 am

Can I just make one?

i want these!



"This unit is the ultimate covert portable receiving/recording system because it is self-powered and gives the ability to record images directly to a 250GB hard drive. Windows based operating system. This system has 2 independent 2.4 GHz receivers with 4 selectable channels on each built-in and/or 4 wired inputs. Cameras can be viewed via the Internet from anywhere in the world."

ST-PSS-8CH Wired or Wireless Multi-Channel Portable System - Suggested Retail $4,800.00

Camera Not Included: Works with any of our cameras (except Cyber Eye)


Windows Based
Portable Video recording systems for field applications
Real time recording 120FPS
4 channels wired / 4 channels wireless 2.4 GHz band
14 inch video monitor
Compression MJPEG

Video System: NTSC
Voltage: 110V AC
Receivers Frequency: 2.4GHz
Monitor: 14 inches diagonal, TFT, Color LCD
Power: AC Adapter
Antenna: 4 independent units
Video In: 8x BNC, 1Vp-p, Composite Video
Resolution: 720x240 pixels (max.)
Data Storage: 250G Hard Drive,
Recording Mode: Frame Record
Image Size: 48KB/ 32KB/ 21KB/ 16KB
Motion Detection: Yes
Port: Ethernet port
Dimensions: 19 1/8 x 15 1/16x 7 9/16
Weight: 24Lbs



"Perfect for Private Investigators, Building Contractors, Security Companies. This multi-channel portable DVR is a stand alone system built in a heavy duty Pelican case. You can remotely configure this system through the Internet using the included software. Easily go from wireless to wired by just plugging in a cable. Can use up to 8 cameras including a combination of wired and wireless. Works with any of our security cameras."
•Industrial durability, shock resistant Pelican case
•New H.264 compression allows longer record time in same amount of space
•Simultaneously Record, playback and operate network
•Remote Monitoring/ playback/backup/pan-unit control through internet,
•Easy to retrieve video, time and alarm information
•Easy to restore and power on in case of power failure
•Touch mouse for navigation and easy operation
•Can connect up to 8 wired cameras or 6 wired and 2 wireless cameras
•Built in 14 inch LCD Monitor

•Video input: 8ch composite
•LAN Connector: RJ45
•Resolution Record: CIF 240 frame, D1 60 frame
•Frames per second: Real time recording at 240 fps (30 fps per channel)
•Hard Drive: 250GB
•Power: continuous, 110/240V AC and 2 hour backup battery
•Camera Input: 8 - Inputs 2 wireless / 6 wired or 8 wired
•Video System NTSC
•Video Compression: H.264
•Exterior Dimensions: 16.00"L x 13.00"W x 7.00"D
•Weight: 19.05 lbs

so...even tho i have found one for under 1500 usd, can i just make one for less?

can i just buy an itablet and download the software or a laptop that can monitor the wireless cameras?

or buy a monitor, and a (insert technical term for hardware here) or whatever is needed for the dvr and just build it and us Windows as my OS and
download the software?

can i do this cheaper?

a guy I worked for was able to view his store security cameras from his fuking iphone. soo, if i just buy a verizon android, can i do that then or would i still need a seperate dvr?
go easy, break this down for me, im noob, im not familiar with the hardware its currently using.


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Post Fri May 13, 2011 8:54 am

Re: Can I just make one?

I think you can build one of these. You will need to also buy the wireless receiver units to pick-up the signals from wireless cameras and also need a device to acccpt the digital video input from a wired camera. AFAIK its just a laptop computer, a (USB?/PCI?) device for receiving wireless video signals, a USB?/PCI? device for inputting wired (digital) video signals, some software to integrate it all into an appliance and a case. If you build one yourself you could also integrate other devices into the case such as a wireless video signal detector and a wirelss video signal jammer.


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Post Fri May 13, 2011 9:25 am

Re: Can I just make one?

I'mnot sure how much money it ould sae you, but one possibility would be to see if you can get a non portable version, i.e. one you have to plug into main power, then convert it to work on battries. It might nto be as simple as that but most electronic devices have a rectifier that converts the AC from the mains into DC like a battery to work the unit, so if for example you found that it rectifies mains power into 12 volt DC then converting it to run off say a car battery would be pretty simple. I know car batteries are pretty big and it could work of 24 volt DC which would eman you'd need 2, but you could always buy special batteries (like the ones that are inside a laptop battery) and string a load together to suit your purposes. Like i said i dont knwo how much this would save you but usually when u have a choice between somehting that needs to be plugged in and somehting that runs off batteries the pluggy in option is usually a good bit cheaper, so as long as the batteries don't add up to much you could potentially save a decent amount without having to build the whole unit from scratch.

http://kipkay.com/videos/hacks/digital- ... rter-hack/ Thats an example of the conversion from mains to battery.

http://kipkay.com/videos/battery-hacks/ ... tery-hack/ An example of how much cheaper it is to string batteries together yourself ratehr than buying (in this case) a laptop battery.
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