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BioLite Sale - for camping or SHTF

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Post Mon May 25, 2015 11:46 pm

BioLite Sale - for camping or SHTF

20% off sale until midnight tonight, coupon code SUMMERFUN

If you're not familiar with BioLite, they're a big kickstarter success story. People pre-ordered camp stoves and they were able to use the operating capital to produce on a larger scale and bring down prices per unit, and put research into their main project. That project was to bring electricity to small villages in undeveloped nations. People often use cell phones in those areas to keep in touch since there is no infrastructure, but charging is a big problem. They developed a home/camp stove which also generates electricity. Works a bit like a rocket stove so also uses far less fuel than a regular campfire.

It's hands down one of the neatest SHTF preps you can have.

If you're an avid camper you know that some parks won't let you bring in firewood as it can bring in tree vermin or diseases and many campsites are stripped of local deadwood unless you range pretty far, so it's nice having a stove that doesn't need much to burn. Awesome for camping. And keeps your phone/tablet charged as a bonus.

They have a portable compact camp stove, a large basecamp stove, a kettle to boil water that also generates power too, and other accessories.


Even if you see this post after the sale is over, it's worth looking at the site.
They are very worth buying even at full price.


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Post Tue May 26, 2015 5:26 am

Re: BioLite Sale - for camping or SHTF

Agree the BioLite stove is good stuff. Thanks for the code :mrgreen:
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