Post Sat Jan 21, 2023 2:33 pm

Motorcycle luggage locks

Morning or afternoon folks.
Reading the update List on instacode today It says New for Hepco and typical :kickyoass:
As I spent some time last year working the codes out from keys and have them in order

I also Ordered in from Germany some keys for depth and space

So as been published looks like reading this .. and the cats out of bag so to speak .

If someone could check the depth and space and different blanks used I can compare my findings

to the new ones published in the January update for Hepco & Becker Series 901 to 960 codes used. Cylinders not stamped with code usually replaced if no spare key

Card number Also stated to check if I've already got it it's one less job if I have crossed off list.

I was going to make a card this year lol. :smile:

Instacode updates. Jan 2023