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Frustrating first day! But funny




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Post Sat Jun 22, 2019 8:03 am

Frustrating first day! But funny

Ok I've been watching utube (thanks lockpicklawyer, and boss bill of lock-lab) ordered my first pick set; Peterson Kent's picks. And a pos clear lock. Went through my locks and found 2 master and an old Uhaul 85/50. Well, clear lock sucks, but gave me a feel and visual (helped a lot actually). Then the masters, popped them with spp and was feeling awesome and started to feel the pins and order they catch in!
So I looked at the old u haul lock I bought in the mid 1990's and thought cool I'll try this next. Now I've watched enough Utube and read a few articles and books that I have some idea of what's going on. So, 2hrs into trying the $÷&_<[(**#&# thing and thinking OK what's wrong, and wow did that drop into a false set on a cheep lock, so I look up the lock. Low and behold this is a good lock. Lol. Now I have a not yet pile started.
BTW, I'm hooked and have ordered some feeler stock to build some picks (I also build some knives.) And am looking forward to the challenge.
Thank you for all the good information. Now I'm hooked


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Post Mon Jun 24, 2019 3:20 am

Re: Frustrating first day! But funny



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Post Wed Jun 26, 2019 1:18 am

Re: Frustrating first day! But funny

Lockpicking is addictive. I make my picks with windshield wiper blades, hehe. I haven't, so far, found a lock I couldn't pick with a windshield wiper. If I'm doing a tube lock, I use a pick and tensioner made from an old Ford oil dipstick. Wafer locks, a Ford dipstick pick and tensioner. Ford 6.0 powerstroke uses spring steel for the thin wire oil stick. ;)


Onna these days, I'll make more picks.. when the need arises.


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Post Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:00 am

Re: Frustrating first day! But funny

Great tip on the dipstick.



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Re: Frustrating first day! But funny

I ended up dropping my clear lock on the 3rd day and the cover piece over the pin stacks popped out. Springs and pins went everywhere! I ended up recovering 5/8 of the pins. That was only a week ago that I dropped it, so I'm definitely a noob.

Hopefully learning to pick goes a little smoother lol. So far, that's not so. I did pick the first lock I tried on the very first time. It was an old Defiant rim cylinder I kept from the ones I removed when I moved in here. Suprisingly to me, it had a spool in #3 driver pin and I never even realized it wasn't a standard pin. But then, how would I? I had never picked anything before that. Lol. I've watched a few hundred BB and LPL vids but that doesn't replace experience.

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