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What is a "Binding Pin"?



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I've Been Banned!!

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Post Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:17 pm

What is a "Binding Pin"?

I have heard this reference many times in you tube videos.
what does this mean?

(if anyone cane explain this better than myself, and has a few moments to spare, this info would be greatly appreciated by beginners.)
let's answer this one for the last time. ( a link will do afterward. )
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Post Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:23 pm

Re: What is a "Binding Pin"?

My definition of a binding pin is as follows.

When applying tension to a lock that you are going to pick, if using a hook pick then feel each pin individually. You will feel that they are springy to the touch apart from 1 pin which will feel tight or "binding". This is the pin that you then try to set to the shear line. You then repeat this till all the pins are set and the lock opens.

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Post Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:35 pm

Re: What is a "Binding Pin"?

any pin that feels like its not moving down when exert to pressure of the pick eg binding order
correct if i am wrong lol


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Post Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:21 am

Re: What is a "Binding Pin"?

Here is my video response to "what is a binding pin". Hope this helps some people out!!



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Post Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:32 am

Re: What is a "Binding Pin"?

Awesome video. Did you buy that cutaway or did you mill it yourself?
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