Post Mon Mar 13, 2023 4:19 pm

Help with a Door Knob

Hello Everyone!

First of all, I'm from Cuba, so I apologize if my English is a bit weird.

It turns out that I have a doorknob that I removed from an old door, and I need to use it to close the door of my room, since I have no experience in this, I totally disassembled the knob, however, it was not necessary to disassemble the closing part, and now I have problems to assemble the device, and I was hoping that someone from the forum would help me, I don't know if I posted in the right place, so I apologize for this.

I was evaluating the purchase of a new device or going to a professional locksmith, but in my country these costs are very high due to inflation, and for example, a new doorknob is almost equivalent to my monthly salary, so I can not afford it.

I am attaching a couple of photos of the knob in general, and of the parts of the closing mechanism. If someone could indicate or guide me in the order in which the parts of the part that is responsible for closing are assembled, it would be very helpful.I numbered the pieces in case someone wants to guide me, use the numbers of each corresponding piece, thank you all very much in advance.

I emphasize, I need help to assemble the closing mechanism, not to assemble the knob, I can do that, that is, what I need is to order the parts listed in part No. 1.
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