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Ramblings of a Noob




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Ramblings of a Noob

So, I began my journey into lockpicking about 3 weeks ago with moderate success. I've managed to open the 5 padlocks I own (mostly Masterlock #3's), and about the same number of deadbolts/door locksets numerous times, using SPP. I even have a Sparrows Revolver (regular pins) that I can open relatively consistently. However, and this is what puzzles me, why can't I pick them all consistently and regularly. Sometimes I can get it open in seconds, and then if I try again right after, I can spend hours on it with no go. The pins sometimes feel different to me. When I think I've nailed down the binding order, they seem to change and/or feel different. So my question is what am doing wrong? Thanks


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Re: Ramblings of a Noob

If you want to master lockpicking pin tumblers you need to keep picking and never stop picking. Repick all your locks over and over again, randomize the order, then pick until your veins pump battery acid. Then pick some more. Switch tensioners and picks and expose yourself to different tools, locks, picking positions, etc. It is a long journey to picking mastery and the skill hones itself in a non-linear fashion. You have to heavily invest in practice.
The code is hidden in the tumblers. One position opens the lock, another position opens one of these doors...





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Re: Ramblings of a Noob

If I can't quite get it in about 3 minutes, I drag across the tumblers and make a mental chart. The ones that present the greatest variation in time to open for inexperienced have the 2nd pin longest. You're usually best off with these starting in back, and using the pick behind the diamond to lift the second pin. Tighten the tension to get the pick out, and push the the first pin. Otherwise, the second pin always goes past the shear point.

There are other ways. But that one easiest to explain.

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