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Need Help Opening a Metal Cabinet




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Need Help Opening a Metal Cabinet

I have been trying opening this metal cabinet for a while now and have always knock the first pin down but cant see the second one . Anyone knows how to get this open ? The lock number is 149 . Its is meant to store files and it is a lock to lock 3 files cabinets. I only have a few picks and rly hope someone knows how to pick it :)
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Re: Need Help Opening a Metal Cabinet

That's the easiest lock to pick you will come across.
They fall open as soon as you put any tools near them.
It's called a filing cabinet and are usually locked for a reason, is it your cabinet? Is it in use?
You don't have the best tool kit there and you are missing the ideal pick and ideal wrench for these locks from it.
To help your research you need to read about wafer locks.
Looking at your picture, the chewed up keyway and the rotated lock, your using far too much tension.


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Re: Need Help Opening a Metal Cabinet

Standard lowe & fletcher lock 5 wafer only 3 depths of cut - single cut key a few pounds on ebay 001 to 400 codes

the dimple on lock face tells you if its a single or double cut key required along with code

sometimes it HELPS ! looking at a key for the individual lock in question

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