Post Tue Jan 10, 2023 9:57 pm

Questions about ABUS 83WP/63

(New to the forum, looking forward to learning about locks!)

I bought 4 ABUS 83WP/63 padlocks with a plan to re-key them to match, and (best case) key them to match my front door. I *think* these are Schlage 'keyways' (not sure if I am using that right). My front door dead bolt is weiser so I am not sure if that is a dead end or how to approach that.

I will need to buy pins and would appreciate advice on a recommended entry level kit to get me started. I have some ideas below, but these are very very uninformed ideas.

I was considering the "lab kit mini dur x schange":

But wondered if the "lab kit mini" covered that and much more. I like the idea of going forward being able to change other locks including some master and weiser I also own.

Any advice appreciated.