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LetCool handheld gaming system

Calling all retro gamers...

this system rocks, it can play roms from most of the systems that you would want it to play:
GameBoy Color
Sega Genesis

and it even has some 3d games... that you dont care about ;)

now... some people may be saying... cant I just do this on my smartphone... or cant a psp do this...

the answer is... sorta :shock:

take my smartphone... I have great emulators on it... and it plays the roms I want to flawlessly... but I cannot play the games I want to flawlessly... stupid touchscreen buttons... I cant FEEL them, sometimes I get lost on the screen and push the wrong button... it sucks for action or reflex games... im limited to turn based RPG games... liek pokemon or golden sun or final fantasy... still a great lineup... but no zelda... no mario...
AND say you wanna touch the L or R button on your phones screen... its not as simple as lowering your index finger... you gotta find the fucker on the flat screen... your wasting time and end up just pusing it with your thumb... now imagine you wanna (like in the game sword of mana) use L to jump and use the controll pad to move forward... you cannot do this on your if you use your thumb to push the L button you cant get back to the control pad to move thru the air while still in the air... so you end up using 2 hands to do something as simple as jumping forward... or you could just get one hand really awkward and hit the L with your index finger... but thats not a reflex if you have to jump when someone is attacking you... thats a deliberate placement of your finger in that awkward position

so sure... your phone can play these games... but you really cant get the full expierience without real buttons on a real controller

now a psp... it can play them... but can it play multiplayer ;)
can you hook 2 psp' together and play mario kart together... NOOOO...

the LetCool can play multiplayer games (up to 2 players) with 1 system... just like a super nintendo... it can even hook up to a TV...

the ONLY drawback to this system is that you cant actually link systems... like to trade pokemon or something... so few old games use that technology anyway so its not that big of a deal.

now let me talk a bit about how to make this system rock... because when you open the box... it blows... the L and R buttons control volume... the volume buttons do nothing... half the roms wont run... but some smart guy fixed all of these issues...

letcool promised updates... and never made em... so users (realizing the potential of the system) made their own updates...
there is the link to the firmware update that fixes EVERYTHING... turning this system into the ultimate retro handheld device...

its the same deminsions as a Nintendo DS... (without the top screen) so you can buy a DS carry case and thsi bad boy fits right in ;)
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