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Worth it to get keys made for a few old safe deposit locks?



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I've gone and said something stupid, haven't I?
I've gone and said something stupid, haven't I?

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Post Wed May 11, 2022 1:57 am

Worth it to get keys made for a few old safe deposit locks?

Hey KP crew, I have several safe deposit doors with Mosler 3175 locks still on them. They came from a bank that was demolished, and they were all going to the dump! :( I tried to get the time lock off of the vault door, but was too late, they had already destroyed the door with an excavator :(

My question: who would be willing to make keys for a few of them, and is it even worth it? I'm not good enough with lever locks to attempt it. These would be just for my collection, I may mount one of the doors on a panel, as a display. I'd also be willing to throw in a lock or two (with or without door) on top of payment.

Let me know if it's something that would be easy to do, or if it will be too cost prohibitive.
I've determined that these are what Mosler calls "rapidset", and you can apparently change the guard key with a tool. Looks like the levers for the guard key basically get bent by the new key to fit it. Looks like they are prone to problems, if you put the wrong key in!


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Post Fri May 13, 2022 8:10 am

Re: Worth it to get keys made for a few old safe deposit loc

If it was me for my collection I would make keys for completeness. All my lock collection items have keys and even packaging if obtainable.

It seems a great way to practice your lever lock key making skills, its easy to hand make a key once you know how and get going, if you have a key machine and access to the depth info it's even easier.

To hand make one its as easy as taking the cover off and all but the bottom lever then file your key blank until that lever sets to the correct height, put the next lever in and repeat the process, once you have one key you'll have some of the correct heights for the other locks. Make sure you only file the lever thickness each time, you can tickle the heights and spacings up once all the levers are back in and the cover put back on.

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