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Wards 9032 safe - Arlington texas




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Wards 9032 safe - Arlington texas

I’m in Arlington Texas and I have an old wards 9032 combo lock safe. My father who’s is 88 can’t remember the combo. What I’ve gotten from him won’t work and I’ve looked on forums to open the safe using the appropriate 4 left 3 right etc.. is their a local locksmith close to me who would want to attempt this ?


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Re: Wards 9032 safe - Arlington texas

The safe tech organization has a list. You can look up there what is near to you. https://www.savta.org/savta_tech.php

Or maybe someone here wants to help.
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Re: Wards 9032 safe - Arlington texas

You may stop by or call https://michaelskeyslocksmith.com/ who has locations in Colleyville, Dallas, and Ft Worth. Bring the safe to them (a service call will cost you more) and at their shop, they could drill and punch the safe for you but then someone has to fix the 1/4 inch hole hole they make. They will probably charge you more to open the safe than it is actually worth.

By the way, your safe was probably made by Meilink of Toledo Ohio for Montgomery Wards. Enjoy this video showing the inside and how the locking mechanism works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zXsjnbV78Y

If you are handy you can use that video to come up with some ideas on how to get inside without calling a locksmith. You just need to call your buddy DeWalt and his trusty dog Drillbit (hint hint)

good luck,

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