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Liberty Centurion Manipulation




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Liberty Centurion Manipulation

Hello everyone! I've had a brief brush with lockpicking in the past, so I know the basics of how it works. I lockpicked a schlage lock that we keep on our storage room awhile ago, and it kinda sparked my interest in the whole thing. We've had this liberty centurion safe for a long time, but we havent used it in years and I forgot the combination. I was considering calling a locksmith or selling it, but never got around to it. I was thinking that maybe I could manipulate it myself to open it. Learning experience. Here's what I've found: Although centurions are supposed to come with an S&G lock, this one has a lock with no identifiable markings on it. I don't know whether it's because its an old model or what. Anyways, Ive read up on safecracking, national locksmith's guide, ect, and I'm pretty sure its a direct entry lock. When I turn the handle I can feel the fence bear on the drive cam. While applying pressure to the handle, the dial locks up at 3 positions around the drive cam. You can wiggle it about 2 increments in each direction, but you have to release the handle to spin the dial freely. These 3 positions (84, 16, 50) are about equally spaced around the drive cam, so I'm pretty sure two are false gates and one is a true gate. Whatever is at 16 seems to have more wiggle room, and the handle can turn noticeably more than the other positions when AWL. On AWR, the other 2 gates make the handle move the same as AWL 16, but they still arent as wide as 16. Assuming that 16 is the last number, I began to graph wheel 1 and 2. I found equally spaced gates on 17,27,37 ect, (10 gates total) where the dial moves the same amount as AWL 16. (wheel 1 is indicating) However, towards the higher numbers where I would expect to find more gates, the dial only moves halfway between AWL 16 and where it would if there was no gates at all. I wondered whether the handle moving the same as AWL 16 means there is two false gates under the fence, halfway means W1 is a false gate but W2 is no gate, and no abnormal movement is no gate on W1. I started graphing the halfway readings with a known false gate on W2, and suddenly the handle is moving as it did on AWL 16 as expected. I'm going to graph W1 again today with greater precision and this time through a known false gate on W2. Do you guys have any tips? Does anyone see something that I don't? Thanks in advance.


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Re: Liberty Centurion Manipulation

I think you are doing good. If one wheel doesn't have a (false) gate at the fence the handle will not move as much as with all in (false) gates. If you have all gates on all wheels you only need to find out the true gates. Worst case 3*10*10=300 tests?
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