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Basic bolt work(s)

I thought this might be interesting for someone thinking about building something safe-like. This kind of bolt work is the most used here in Europe. There are multiple manufacturers making something like this with slight differences.

Some notes:

- The handle hole is round with added edges so that extensive force leads to a freely rotating handle.
- This one is only for dead bolt locks because the noses bumping on both sides to the bolt are equal. For a swing bolt these have to be different.
- From one of the screws to the next is 56mm.
- Sheets are 3mm thick.
- From lock spindle to handle spindle about 100mm.

Variations are:

- Center piece as a gear
- Integrated relocker
- Support for a second lock
- Compatibility for a swing bolt lock
- Smaller hole for combination locks only
- Attached hard plate
- Only three sided
- Support for a rear lock cover
- ...
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