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Another successful manipulation

PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2022 2:18 pm
by webpirate
Hey guys,

Happy to report another successful manipulation. It was tricky. It was a lock brand called samo which I've never heard of before but I am impressed at the trouble it gave me.
Took me twice as long as it usually takes me. I was determined to get it because there was no reason it shouldn't. Everything felt perfect with the lock (except for the spline key being in the wrong position making contact points 13 and 27) .
I had to use the stethoscope because I could barely feel the contact points and I kept going past initial contact. Stethoscope allowed my to hear and feel contact points. 2nd time in a row that I've needed the stethoscope. Maybe I'm losing my touch.

I'm hoping i can make it to do another lock tomorrow. It's a betnardini tl-15. I'll be able to get the combo lock open but I won't be able to pick the key lock. It's a lever key lock and I don't know how to do those.

Re: Another successful manipulation

PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2022 6:34 pm
by MartinHewitt
Great! Do you have pix of the lock?

The Bernadini locks look like they could be good starter locks and they should be pickable with wires. If you have the time it would be a nice project.

I have two walls safes waiting for me to be opened. One has a LG 3330 and the other probably a Chubb 7L08.