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Re: Field & Stream gun safe (by Stack-on) direct entry

PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2024 12:06 am
by MartinHewitt
If you turn wheel 3 (the wheel connected to the dial) so that the fence is not in one of the gates and turn the handle, then it grabs the wheel and seizes the dial. This is the opposite of free wiggle. If you the fence is trapped inside the gate the same may happen when this gate is a false gate and its bottom is noticeably higher then the other two wheels at their position. In this case the dial seizes up too. Or the false gate's bottom is noticeably lower than the other two wheels or it is a true gate, then you can turn the dial slightly left and right without any additional resistance. This is free wiggle. And you can get intermediate behavior with reaching from very light scratching to nearly seizing. Only false gates do this. So anything which does not show free wiggle can be discarded as false gates. Unfortunately not necessarily every false gate will show some scratching or seizing at the beginning.