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Hello from Florida. New subscriber




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Hello from Florida. New subscriber

Hello I’m Jwff. just registered. I buy and sell things i find that are inyeresting
safes are in that category. I have bought locked safes and boxes in the past and
have destroyed them while attempting to open.
i just purchased a Cole Steel cabinet with a sede. i was provided a combination
but havent been able to open it. i have a couple
codes wrotten and stamped inside behind the drawers. Does anyone have a way yo open using these numbers?


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Re: Hello from Florida. New subscriber

There should be only one 6 digit code written behind one of the drawers.
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Re: Hello from Florida. New subscriber

Here's some advise plantman; when you start on a forum like this and no one knows you it is best to stay away from things like this. I sincerely hope that you are being genuine but frankly the way you worded your introduction casts some doubt. If you "have a combination" but have been unable to open the safe then why did you not ask about proper dialing sequence to see if maybe you were dialing it wrong? I hate to say it but you sound a little bit sketchy. If not I genuinely apologize. This site is about lock sport, I.E. opening locks of all kinds for the sheer challenge and joy of it. Saying that you have destroyed safes in the past attempting to open them makes it sound like you don't want to open the safe for the fun of it but would rather just beat it with a sledge hammer. There are plenty of articles on here about safe lock manipulation. Start with femurat's safe lock tutorial and then check out Oldfast's safe chronicles part 1 and 2. After you have done that and have some kind of a working knowledge of the lock and how to open it give it a shot and report back here with any issues you have. I hope I am not being rude and I do not mean to offend but you need to think a little about the way you word things around here. This is particularly important when no one knows you yet.

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