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Discuss Your Schlage Primus Technique



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Sargent Mossberg
Sargent Mossberg

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Post Fri Nov 20, 2015 2:25 am

Re: Discuss Your Schlage Primus Technique

Did you make that video? Very nice
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Post Fri Nov 20, 2015 3:41 am

Re: Discuss Your Schlage Primus Technique

Korver15 wrote:So it's not really a technique but I found a little video showing how the side pins kinda look while you are picking them.

It does not really show how the side pins look when I am picking them. There is no display in the video of the laughter, taunting and heckling those pins throw my way. So disrespectful. :(

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Familiar Face

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Post Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:26 pm

Re: Discuss Your Schlage Primus Technique

I Find HEAVY tension to work wonders on the primus system. standard driver pins reacted well with all the primus locks I have encountered as well as I find it easier to control the finger pins under heavy tension. I 100% agree with XEO's findings, my pick looks similar to his (album http://imgur.com/a/W8vIr). I have not yet found a primus that alternates between finger pin and driver, if you found one GOOD LUCK. I have not found any difference in CW VS CCW I have always found the top stack to bind first.

my technique as follows:

1. Pick top stack. get slight core rotation signifying top stack picked (standard drivers so I would expect a false set feeling to be picked as apposed to spools)

2. crank down on tension (helps to find the binding finger pin)

3. slip the finger pin tool under each finger pin, as centered as possible tap each finger pin as to slightly lift them, if they dont bind nothing to worry about as the spring will push them back down

4. Once the binder has been identified decide weather to push or pull the finger, I tend to push the finger by rotating my pick slightly CCW, hook on to the finger and pushing the pick in to the lock further. then slip the pick under the pin center lift slightly and then get back to the finger and hook the finger with the pick and pull towards you sweeping the pin from full left to full right. then repeat the process.

5. At this point you will either set or over set the finger pin, you know it is set by either a sharp click or a small movement in the core or both, you may even feel it. If you have overset the fingerpin release tension very slowly until you hear a small click, if you leave your fingerpin pick in the lock you may feel the fingerpin hitting the pick. then repeat step 4.

I have found after 2 or 3 pins are set a noticeable amount of rotation happens on the third or second set pin, just continue finding the binding finger and set them, I also do not force the finger pins back down I simply release tension to drop the fingerpin, on some occasions the fingerpin has dropped in to the correct height / rotation and set itself.



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Post Wed Nov 29, 2017 6:27 pm

Re: Discuss Your Schlage Primus Technique

We pulled a schlage primus rim cylinder out of an old door on base and I kept it so I could try and pick it. I read through this thread and I swear on a stack of locks I picked it on my 3rd try!

Raking the top pins to get them out of my way I turned my diamond pick upside down so that I could use it to lift the finger pins. They make a very distinct click when they lift and so I started to pick at the top again with no success. I remember someone mentioning that they push and pull the finger pins after they set them so I tried again and before I went back to the top pins I pushed and puled each finger pin. This time when I went back to the top pins I worked a couple of them into place and it turned!!! This might actually not be a very hard lock to pick for yall but I feel really good about it since one of my seniors has been a locksmith for over 25 years and has never picked one. I honestly don't know if he ever tried or tried to learn but it still feels good. I am very new here so this means a lot to me in regards to showing my superiors that I have some skills. I honestly would not have been able to figure this out so quickly without this forum though. Thank you all for your wisdom here and I plan on picking every lock I find now. huge boost in confidence here!


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