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AutoPro App and those APPs you find usefull



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Post Wed Jul 13, 2022 1:52 pm

AutoPro App and those APPs you find usefull

Very good resource is this app ..great reference for m/c which can be exhausting sometimes even with software.
Need to register for account first , As it's a store selling key blanks that can be ordered directly via app.
This needs to be done before it installs free app at playstore ..install /open then click on open account type in that holiday home in usa if You don't already live there .
Recommend that you first remember the summer house address you have in florida or the Ozarks as it looks like it's us only When it comes to Zip code or post code location ..then Bingo.
Really surprised me this one ..and it's on your phone for quick reference . Even a European cross reference for blank used
By clicking on that little key on right
Real credit to the builder and company that made this app In the great USA..

Let us know if you already use it Or recommend any other app you've found usefull.

One for the tech guys .. are apps secure is the question and can they track us and collect intel
clicking on links Which we've learnt is some times a bad idea

My thoughts and feelings

Keeping all data on sticks or Sims and not on hard drives as these can easily be copied .
Identity theft via fake websites or callers from boiler rooms Is a world wide problem to steal your money.

Know from my own experience with computers crashing and not booting
Passwords don't matter if the hard drives out the information insides gone ..physical security
And location of items / Data / people / money is a key part to covert entry and locks stand in the way

Tech guys need good lock picking skills out in the field as a security pass will only get you so far
Maybe a corridor or storage cupboard even a toilet at best in a building
It's not going to give you access to a locked room and inside the safe ..then getting inside without
physical evidence being left behind ....if it's being done covertly is very hard with out a key or covert surveillance.
Covert entry and surveillance is used all the time by governments and police forces ..collecting intel or evidence

Being sat in a room with a laptop is neither it's a cybor crime ..hacking penetration test via link or something
That's already in ..a dropped usb pen that's been used in past etc.

Identity theft and boiler room scams down to buying items or services on fake websites ...can we trust anyone
Useing a service like PayPal for a transaction or a secure payment company is the best way ..check it out before buying.
Fortunately it takes a good hacker to catch a bad one , and are doing a great job but really don't like the
name hacker as it makes me Feel uneasy for some reason and security tech guy or gal .. fits the bill for me .

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Post Thu Jul 14, 2022 2:38 am

Re: AutoPro App and those APPs you find usefull

It's the reason I got rid of my iPhone years ago, apple are famously known for tracking every single button press, I use android and possibly naively, feel with the correct settings and browser I'm pretty safe.

I don't use any apps for locksmithing but have on occasion checked on YouTube when figuring out what's infront of me whilst on a job, I do however have some app ideas that would be really useful if I ever get time to learn how to make an app up.

I have tried quite a few stock programs to keep track of my euro cylinder stock, particularly after one with a barcode reader included but after trying a few and each one either not quite working how I needed it to or them simply loosing my data or locking me out until hidden costs paid for I gave up.

I did once make a simple safe and mortice lock identifying program working in basic on my laptop but had no idea how to get it working on my phone so I gave up updating it and of course never released it in to the public.

I helped Leonard gallion develop his safe manipulator program back in the day and after finding out a while ago he was considering converting it to mobile sent him some pointers to make it even more invaluable but he's still not picked up the message and I never heard anything more about his plans.

I did find someone else online who had made a promising start with a safe manipulation helper app but it was incomplete and when I contacted him to offer help he said he had abandoned the project.

I knew someone through the locksmith community forum that did a master keying program on the PC which I helped test that I always thought would make a great app but we lost contact over the years and its been so long since I've been on LC I've forgotten my log in details (which I need to sort out I guess).

I think there's definitely room for helper apps to make life easier, key reference apps are great, I'm still playing with the idea of getting instacode on my phone, I loved it when I had it on the PC but costs ard bit difficult to justify on such things now I've stopped cutting keys as part of my services.

I'm not sure the app store is the best place to offer lock specific apps to the general public but I don't see any way anyone can stop copies of anything digital being made and anyone getting them.

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