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TPP progression query


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Post Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:43 am

TPP progression query

So I am attempting to get my head around TPP progression and parity rules etc, and I really thought I had it down, yet the winds of fate blew my way to have in effect gifted me with the cylinders for a master key system that is now being replaced by an audit trail capable system upgrade, which has left me an extremely happy man, but also an extremely frustrated man too lol.

I have had repeated offers of a cheat sheet KBA of the system itself, I am determined however to get that only to confirm my results and not just to swerve the fact that clearly I am in need of more tutoring and revision on the topic.

My confusion and frustration worryingly starts at the very beginning of the decoding process - I would have expected to see a TWO-STEP progression pattern with the Assa cylinders that have been used for the system, and yet, in a 3:3 key split, the second (progressed) chambers seem to have both odd and even number sequences in the same chambers which I am thinking would mean that it HAS to be a single step progression...

I am going to put the cylinder cut codes that I have for one particular keyway profile below - I would really appreciate if anyone is able to get head or tails from them to point me in the right direction even....

Keyblank AS-TL



Any input at this point would be very much appreciated please know that guys...
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Post Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:30 pm

Re: TPP progression query

An Assa Twin 6000 service manual i recently downloaded from another forum shows that there are #1 master disk at least for this system.
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Post Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:14 pm

Re: TPP progression query

Can you decode a few of the cylinders? Start to sort out which pins are the master pins and which are the change key pins. It will help to fill in the KBA and then be able to determine the master key bitting. The ASSA pinning kit I use has #1 master pins.

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