Post Mon Jun 25, 2018 9:54 pm

Master key system - can somebody please explain?

I have studied a variety of texts on the subject of decoding the TMK of an (I suspect -) TPP system, using a change key and one cylinder that is not associated with the change key but is part (obviously) of the master key system in question.
The issue that I am having is that it would appear that i am in fact some sort of moron,in that with all of the texts I have read, the chapters seem to read;
'...having explained the theory of the progression, it is "obviously " a simple matter to decode....'

Now I have one change key and one cylinder from the target master key system, but I don't understand how to allocate the system as being a one or two step progression system,and how to use that information to get a grasp on the possible cut combination permutations OF the system itself (I get lost when it begins talking about the 'Minimum safe increments', and the (again,APPARENTLY glaringly obvious -) fact that only every other cut depth increment can be used, and it also has not been helping the fact that I am struggling to find a source of the 'standard ', manufacturer approved cut depths etc FOR the Assa/Ruko locks that the system is comprised of....

So basically that's me being like a kid wanting to draw a picture of a tree, whilst
A)not owning any paper
B)nor a pencil,
C)never having even HEARD of a crayon, and
D)also,potentially never once had any form of contact, be that visual nor even IMAGINARY,- with anything even RESEMBLING a tree...

Go-Go-Gadget-ADVICE...! :P
crossing paths with people who have spent all day panicking and FRANTIC, desperately trying to recall the combination of a key operated lock