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Thoughts on IC cores




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Thoughts on IC cores

I have been a locksmith for a few years now, have consistently found that IC cores are easy to pick. High security Best Peaks and the regular Best systems, corbin russwins, that falcon stuff I forget the name of on dollar stores, etc, usually all it takes is a city rake! Is this the general consensus? Wondering if maybe others avoid IC cores when possible, and if there is a more pickproof system that is easy to get (ex. medeco)? Thanks!

edit: wanted to mention I also have problems with high-use cylinders jamming up and for whatever reason the control key always stops working, why? Im guessing a #2 wafer or something goes for a ride with the key and gets dumped out, but still weird that it is always the control key that stops working and nothing else.


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Re: Thoughts on IC cores

Not really. Choosing control or operating can be difficult. The piles of SFICs I have are all filled with spools, making them feel odd. It's pretty rare, but at least one ebay reseller always puts them in :D

There's many sorts of locks that are pick resistant. Visit securitysnobs.com. Get a copy of Pulford's book on high-security locks.

The control sleeve corrodes and gets stuck. It's not used very often.

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