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Laundry Burglars Caught



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Post Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:34 am

Laundry Burglars Caught


It started when I was first doing my laundry and I locked the wooden doors and later when I went to check my laundry I couldn't open the wooden door. I found the the Kwikset deadlatch was bent, so I replaced it with a standard latch, not a deadlatch. I didn't know it was a burglar attempt at that time but I guess someone did know because later they installed a metal security door.

About 2-4 months had passed and someone did break into the laundry room using a crowbar I assume. Our security door has a knob and a deadbolt and not everyone locks the deadbolt like they should. So the thief crow barred the metal door and got in. They then broke into the laundry and dryer machines to steal quarters.

The manager then put in a different security door. About a week or two later my brother noticed some pry marks on that door but the burglars didn't get in. I was then texting the manager who basically said the metal security door did its job. But I had to remind him that they might just come back with a bigger crow bar or start targeting the residences. I did mention to him that he should put up a camera system.

I guess this got to his head as the manager put up his own WIFI and router and installed a WIFI camera for the driveway and a camera in the laundry mat. I heard today from the neighbor in front that a truck backed up into the driveway and attempted to break in again. But this time they got their license plate and supposedly the police went to their homes and picked them up.

I guess the burglar or burglars didn't know that if you keep up the same routine, you will get caught.

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Post Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:09 pm

Re: Laundry Burglars Caught

It would be so much easier if... :soldier: , and the deterant factor would be very effective.
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Post Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:45 am

Re: Laundry Burglars Caught

Thank you for the post. Glad to hear that the tracked down the bad guys.

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