Post Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:23 pm

Re: To tell or not to tell that their locks are crap

Changing the locks on apartments without the landlord's permission is illegal in some jurisdictions and can be cause for eviction.

Imagine that there was a broken pipe and a flood or you needed an ambulance and they were slowed down getting in. Fire department could also be delayed resulting in criminal charges.

I was told by the paramedics / fire department in Hamilton that all landlords were required by law to have working keys to apartments and there could be fines if the keys were missing. There are mandatory fire inspections and they need in. If the paramedics are delayed from getting in when someone is in critical shape the delay could be deadly and have very serious consequences.

Self help solutions that used to be acceptable preventing the landlord getting in could be very serious with the rules that big brother and the powers that be have put in place.