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Ethics in sales tactics to sell better locks?



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Post Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:50 am

Ethics in sales tactics to sell better locks?

We all know that many locks on the market are crap and there are a lot of Youtube videos demonstrating how little protection they provide.

Is it ethical to show potential clients some of these videos or even demonstrate bump keys and show them how easy it is to make or buy them?


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Post Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:37 pm

Re: Ethics in sales tactics to sell better locks?

This could be seen as "teaching" lock defeats. I usually suggest they do a little research on their own. It is very easy to find and anyone can do it. that gets me to round two of the questions, in most cases. If they talk with other potential customers they talk about what "they" found on-line.
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Post Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:54 pm

Re: Ethics in sales tactics to sell better locks?

Unfortunately just showing videos from Youtube is a hit & miss. Some people understand and figure it out, while most are skeptical "becuse it is the internet". I have met even master locksmiths that have said that most of the picking/bumping/decoding videos are utter bullshit and that certain locks that are pickable are unpickable.

You don't have to teach them, but can show that because this lock has XYZ, it isn't bumpable or adds so and so much to picking it, unlike others.


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Post Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:44 pm

Re: Ethics in sales tactics to sell better locks?

I do not trust locksmiths to provide me helpful information on product security. This is because of misleading, perhaps wrong information and lack of information. The information provided about IT security and IT insecurity is much better, but also manufacturers are not really honest.

Regarding your question. For me such information would help build up trust, but other people might misunderstand this information. So in my opinion it is not unethical, but one has to be careful.
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Post Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:32 pm

Re: Ethics in sales tactics to sell better locks?

I usually ask customers to do their own research on the locks they own .vs the locks we sell (Mul-T-Lock). I tell them to think about how much money they have invested in their home and possessions, then to think about protecting all that with cheap locks.

My boss usually asks people how much their shoes are and how long they last them. Usually it's $200+ and then he points out that the shoes don't usually last for over 25 years. But then why are they so reluctant to spend on some decent protection?

I wouldn't show them Youtube videos or show them bumping, I think you actually lose credibility with them when you do that.


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Post Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:55 am

Re: Ethics in sales tactics to sell better locks?

I don't speak specifically about how easy a lock is to pick/bump/bypass and such unless they ask me.

Locksmithing is a business and I have to treat it that way.

The guy who wrote the LSS book who talks against security using obscurity is in business of having lawsuits against lock manufacturers whose locks are easily bypassed/broken/picked, etc. We all have an agenda I suppose. That's why I don't trust his actions of filing lawsuits as I think he's doing it to benefit himself and not the consumer (even if it does in the end).

Kwikset makes affordable locksets because that's what's in demand.

Now if a customer want's to really beef up their security I would make suggestions but most will not spend the money.

As my coworker once said is that if locks were to be up to that author's standards then that lock would be not be affordable.

I am an honest person as people have told me thru my actions and words.

That's my opinion anyway but everyone has one.

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Post Wed Sep 20, 2017 11:58 pm

Re: Ethics in sales tactics to sell better locks?

To me it seems that security and "better locks" starts from the ground up, what good is putting a Mul T Lock MT5+ on a door that still has wooden frames (residential)? that door will kick open just the same with a kwikset installed as with the Mul T lock. Point being if you REALLY wanted to upgrade your security the locks seem like only a small part of the equation. so what good is selling a 100$ lock when it is installed on a crap door/frame ? only to sell the lock I suppose.it has to be a balance of profit motive/ actual security IMHO.
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