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Borrowing Tools



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Post Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:09 pm

Borrowing Tools

So at my old job we all had our own toolbags and our own tools. If we didn't have something another person might be okay with lending us a tool but they asked. At my new job I saw someone borrow my portable drill without asking. Even the damn building owner borrowed my screwdriver then borrowed my drill gun without asking. It sure made me pissed off for the rest of the day as my drill is only 12 volt and isn't made for drilling in door hinge screws into metal like he was trying to do. Had to recharge my battery after this.

I asked a few locksmiths I know. One told me two things you don't borrow, "A man's tools and his woman." That had me cracking up and made my day for awhile.

Another day the boss was like, "Where's your file?" I asked him, "Where's yours." In the van he replied. He was at another time looking for a drill and started asking me, "Where's your drill." I pointed to under the counter and inside it's tool case. He then went to the van to get his. Another locksmith I know told me not to say anything to them but just take your tools home.

I would love to hear your opinions but I'm sure you'll feel the same way. None of us at our workplace are just starting out in locksmithing so there shouldn't be any borrowing of tools in my opinion.

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Post Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:30 pm

Re: Borrowing Tools

If somebody wants to borrows something of mine they better ask first. Things have a habit of walking off after being borrowed. If people know you have good tools and take good care of them they know yours will likely work better than theirs, better not let them get used to using yours all the time. If they are constantly wanting to use your tools ask them why they aren't prepared to do their job then hand them a tool from the "special" bin of worn out junker items.

Of course to some this would make you an asshole that does not help others. I see it as protecting your investment. You can't do your job if everybody else has your tools, and if somebody borrows something without asking and you need to go out on a job it might be missing, broken, dead, etc when you get there which makes you look incompetent and loses you money.
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Re: Borrowing Tools

I have a small fortune invested in tools and equipment. Many are those once in a blue moon tools that nobody wants to spend the money on. I am always willing to help someone out in a pinch because I may need help next time. The way I see it, if they don't have the common courtesy to ask and then say thank you, then they are the asshole. F-em.
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