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Two Week Notice



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Post Wed Jan 04, 2017 6:53 am

Two Week Notice

I just got my two week notice today. An ex-employee just came back after a long hiatus and wants to work. So my boss just told me today that because he has more experience than me and is willing to work for the same price, they are going to replace me with him. I'm not pissed as I wanted to leave for better pay a few months already. I already talked to a few companies but one of them said the most they can pay me to start is $13.00 an hour. I know I could work bike patrol for $13.75 an hour at the Arts District. So think how much I should actually be earning as a professional locksmith.

I also have an opportunity working for another Bike Patrol security company but I'd rather work in an office position as I'm tired dealing with the homeless as I did that for 10 years as bike patrol for another company.

Anyways, as I was walking to my restaraunt from my job, I was contemplating life and why this happened and what I'll be doing next. As I got closer to my eating place, I ran into the maintenance guy I've done work for and his boss. I told him of my two week notice. They asked me what I would do. I told them either apply for a job as security or look for another locksmith job. The maintenance guy's boss just bought the building they were in. He made a suggestion that I work with the maintenance guy under construction, work on the lock, and do security. He asked me how much I got paid. I told him $10 an hour and that the bike patrol is willing to pay $13.75 an hour, so he knows I have that option.

I'm willing to learn some construction work and such, I asked if I can have a room for myself so I can bring in my key machines to make my work faster and he agreed. I don't know if this is full time yet, or just temporary. Just asking, how much do you think I should ask for and should it be under the table? If I am using my own equipment and such I was thinking of asking for $15. But if he wants to hire me as a regular it would be okay with me as long as he pays for the material himself. The boss is a real estate guy who lives in Beverly Hill and has a lot of money but is also careful in how he spends that money.

I just thank God that the day I got that two week notice, I also got another job opportunity. God works in mysterious ways!

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Post Wed Jan 04, 2017 7:51 am

Re: Two Week Notice


As you can see, California skews high as well.

But! Take into account your personal situation and market. You are being replaced by someone willing to work for the same amount. There might be a reason for that. Worth looking around. The first offer you find is often not the best. I have repeatedly made that mistake. So it depends on how long you can look and what your risk level is for not being accepted at the new job.

A third option, probably the best, is take whatever you can for this job but keep on looking.

Don't do under the table work. That sort of thing catches up to you in the long run, and temporary has a nasty habit of becoming the long run.


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Post Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:00 pm

Re: Two Week Notice

My Locksmithing apprenticeship was cut short for a very similar reason. The boss basically said that the employee they hired me to replace was coming back from disability. Then I went on to find a higher paying job and then the one I'm in now. I feel your pain but it was like a blessing in disguise at the time. Best of luck to you.
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Post Thu Jan 05, 2017 6:37 pm

Re: Two Week Notice

I agree with Josephus, don't work under the table especially on a large project like that, there is too much liability for both you and the property owner. If he hires you in a maintenance capacity position, then any potential risks would be covered under his insurance. I'm not against side-work, I do plenty of residential jobs for my co-workers, but be careful who you're doing it for. A rich Beverly Hills real estate mogul sounds dangerous to me :shock:


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Post Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:58 pm

Re: Two Week Notice

Chief, use some of the on-line job search engines to look for work. The government and especially major universities use these to find applicants. With the country pushing for a $15 minimum wage, it's difficult for me to fathom that a skilled trade is such a low wage in the area you're in. Keep increasing your skills and you will become a more valuable asset. Good luck with your search! And may you have a Happy New Year!
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