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Post Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:27 am

Re: Crosskeying

So here's was my mess. The key bittings have been changed but I wanted to show you guys how I dealt with crosskeying.

I made my own chart in a certain format where you lay out the keys and then at the bottom you figure out the bitting.

You still have to cross reference to see what other keys might work the lock, but you masterkeying experts already know how to do that.
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Post Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:33 am

Re: Crosskeying

One comment that i have to make on your chart:
Whenever possible , try to use job description or function instead of the people's names.
That way , a few of the people will have the same key , and you can make the system a little less complex.
But most importantly , suppose the system works without a problem for around 5 years , but then they need a new key for a new employee. The client will look at the chart , and first thing he will say is: "Who's Jonathan?". A few of the people will not work there any more , or will have a new function in the company. That will make the chart very unclear.
If you use the functions or job description , it will make it easier to order new keys for new employees.
Same goes for the doors. Suppose Ruben doesn't work there any more , who will get his office , and will it be changed on the chart ?

I like the idea with the bitting. Just make sure to thoroughly check for phantom keys , there is a lot of pins in some of your cylinders.

Also , really cool you get to do a master key system for a Corvette factory.
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