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3 Kaba 20 questions



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Post Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:32 pm

3 Kaba 20 questions

Dear all =)

Three questions related to Kaba 20 if that is okay?

1: Does anyone know where I can buy a Kaba 20 and Kaba K18 padlock?

http://www.kaba.co.uk/solutions/mechani ... cen-4.html
http://www.kaba.co.uk/solutions/mechani ... ba-20.html

2: Is a converter needed to use the Kaba 20 with a half Euro profile padlock? If, what is such called?

3: Some padlocks have exposed screws which can be taken out without having the key. Mul-T-Lock's are such an example. Does the Kaba K18 also have exposed screws?

Jasmine =)


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Post Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:11 pm

Re: 3 Kaba 20 questions

The website you link to has this pdf document. The K18 is available in the Kaba 20 profile. This is a better way to go than using a half cylinder padlock.

If you are talking about the square Mul-T-Lock padlock , that screw just holds the outer sleeve of the housing. The shackle also needs to be removed to take it appart.
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