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Beginner question




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Beginner question

Hi! I'm new to lockpicking and today I got my first 4 pin Masterlock open (I heard they are shit). As I was picking i noticed 1 2 4 were loose, 3 binding. So I push 3 *click* 2 is binding *click*, 1 is binding *click + rotation*, 4 is binding *click + some more rotation but not all the way*. Then I'm stuck. I try with trial and error and discover that I kinda have to push 3&4 together and then 2 and then 1. This way it opens but i don't understand why i have to push 3&4 simultaneously. Can somebody help a brother out? Thank you!


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Re: Beginner question

Not much a pin tumbler expert, but large rotation and no opening often means that there is something like a spool pin. If you push such a pin down it puts a counter rotation force on the core. You look up your lock on youtube. Often there are videos with pick & gut. There you can see how they pick the lock and which pins are inside.
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