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Medeco Locks/Cylinders




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Medeco Locks/Cylinders

Hello everyone, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I urgently need to replace my medeco lock on my main door for security reasons. I have some experience doing things like this but not with medeco.

I called a few locksmiths in the area, just to rekey the lock they want a ridiculous amount of money (400-700+ dollars). The locksmiths will take days to show up, and they will only come during the hours I am at work (I basically am at work 12 hours a day). When I called 24 hour locksmiths they are a straight up scam. I simply cannot afford to do this... I don't think it is fair for anyone to have to pay such a ridiculous price.

My questions are:

1) How do I identify which medeco lock I have? I don't see any writing on either side of lock/cylinder other than just "medeco" on the front side. Do I need to take it apart to get the model number?

The key looks exactly like this but it has 6 teeth


This is what the lock looks like


2) Can I just purchase a medeco lock cylinder/key or replacement pins/key, and do this myself?
I do not care if the cylinder is the exact same security level/model/price, only that it fits and I can use the deadbolt.
I have all the tools to do this, as I already kind of play around with locks as a hobby. I have 0 experience with medeco however.


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Re: Medeco Locks/Cylinders

Welcome to the site.

The picture you post looks like a Medeco Biaxial. Pretty much a standard Medeco lock. The other choices would be an older “classic” or slightly newer “M3”. You say the picture looks like yours but has 6 teeth. The picture you posted has 6 pins. So 6 depths. Not exactly sure what your key is without seeing it.

A locksmith would rekey your lock and cut you a couple of new keys. As well as giving you the code to get additional keys if you needed them. You can’t get a kit of pins and do this yourself. The keys have those angled cuts.. Can’t do it yourself and standard key copy places can’t copy the key.

Options ?

Take the lock cylinder out and take it to a locksmith. They may rekey it. Best to call and ask first. They may not want to do this.

Look on EBay for a used lock. People sell locks they have removed. You might not be able to get keys copied without the Medeco card.. You could call a locksmith and ask if they will just copy a key if you walk in.

This key control is part of the “high security” Medeco system.


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Re: Medeco Locks/Cylinders

Welcome a locksmith may just change the pins around in the lock on 2 positions to cut another new key
This way he does not have to order the pins and as the depths and angles already found on your old key

A new key blank is required in most cases...
But a good competent key cutter or locksmith should be able to do this as many medeco locks
Have key blanks available now .



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Re: Medeco Locks/Cylinders

Yes, you can buy a new cylinder and change it for your old one.
It's an easy job and depending where you buy it from instructions how to do may be included if not I'm sure youtube will show you how.
No point rekeying it in my opinion. You could sell the existing one on ebay to recoup some money if need be. I don't know about the US (or wherever you are based) but in the UK any lock that has been altered (unless by a locksmith) can void the property insurance so worth checking with yours if you want to go that route.

It also doesn't need to be a medeco, there are thousands of other options out there which will work with your deadbolt.


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Re: Medeco Locks/Cylinders

kind of hard to help with no location listed - go to www.medeco.com dealer locator and find someone (else) in your area. If your key is indeed the same keyway as the pic with the gold card, any medeco dealer can get new keys and repin your lock.
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