Post Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:14 pm

Picking A Kwikset Gen3 SmartKey Lock

Anyone have any luck picking the Kwikset smartkey gen3 system. I bought a new smartkey from kwikset one of the deadbolts. I think it's a Gen3 (it's whatever is newest) so I don't think there is a gen4? In any case I've taken the lock apart and even with the cylinder out, I can get the wafers to bind by pressing on the sidebar, but they still drop after getting a couple of them set.

Does anyone have any advice on picking this thing? Are there any other bypass tools that work with this now? The DumbKey doesn't work anymore on the Gen3. Actually for the money these seems like decent locks which I hate to give Kwikset credit for, but they don't seem bad in terms of security; as far as holding up goes that's a different topic.