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Anyone want to pick my Assa twin 6000?



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Post Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:20 pm

Anyone want to pick my Assa twin 6000?

I've got this Assa Ruko 2 with a twin 6000 core in it that I just can't seem to freakin' pick! I want the core out so I can conveniently carry it around and practice. And if I still don't open it, then shim it from the back and take out some side pins for some progression picking. I can't do anything with it though in it's current state! So if you want to take on this beast of an Assa, here's the deal i'm offering: You pay for shipping and I'll send it to you to pick! When you get the core out, I'll pay for shipping back! You can play around with it for while before you send it back if you want. Gut it, examine it, take photos, what ever you want as long as I get the padlock and core back separately and in as good condition as I sent it out in! I'd prefer if you've already picked one of these haha otherwise it'll be kinda pointless for me. If you haven't touched one before but you think you can still pick one, pm me! I'm open to everyone! But be warned! If you don't get it open (i'll give you a month from when you receive it) you pay for shipping back! :D

EDIT: Forgot to mention that i'm located in the U.S. and shipping anywhere else is a tad too expensive! I'm willing to pay up to ~$10 for for the return shipping to get it back. That covers all of U.S.
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Post Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:24 pm

Re: Anyone want to pick my Assa twin 6000?

I'll try that , i have opened several Assa/Abloy , locks etc pm me for a postal address lol !
come to think of it , i gave my last 1 to selim , and he picked it quicker than i did !
Open Sez Me !


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Post Sat Dec 14, 2013 12:16 am

Re: Anyone want to pick my Assa twin 6000?

Hey Nozza, you do realise what lies inside this devil, right?

Best of British luck to you sir!

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