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Crime? if theres no law



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Post Thu Jun 26, 2014 6:17 pm

Re: Crime? if theres no law

rai wrote: much of crime is iatrogenic created by bad laws or people trained to treat civilians as the enemy

i agree wholeheartedly with this, unfortunately

still though...what's the solution?
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Post Fri Jun 27, 2014 3:04 pm

Re: Crime? if theres no law

@ Escher
iatrogenic the cure that is worse than the disease, prohibition creates crime and organized crime cartels, drug enforcement is a price support for the blackmarket for things that would be unprofitable if they were not illegal. drugs can be seen as a medical issue, rather than something that law enforcement has proven unable to control
Sinecure a job where you cannot be fired no matter what you do.

For example, what does throwing a flashbang grenade into a childs crib do to improve anything? and why do the people who do these things claim they have no culpablity for the outcome.

the meanings I intended.


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Re: Crime? if theres no law

Just bugging you bud! I knew what you were saying, (I was a lawyer after all), but I used the dictionary definitions to add a little confusion.


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Re: Crime? if theres no law

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